Sunday, February 10, 2019

Drama: Khaligraph Jones dissing ex lover in new video?


All is not well with Khaligraph Jones and his ex, Cashy. The two have been hinting this for a few days  now and word has it that Cashy will be exposing Khaligraph Jones in her soon to be released single.

With this news making rounds on social media, Khaligraph Jones has also decided to drop a new song that could be explaining why he left his ex.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy
From the lyrics, Khaligraph Jones talks about being betrayed and used by the person he loved most. He goes on to add that he was warned by friends about his lady being a golddigger but he only understood this when it was too late.

Painful breakup

The song also goes on to reveal that Khaligraph Jones went through a lot emotionally as he comes out to talk about his pain.
watch the video below courtesy of Khaligraph

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