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Blackface drags 2Face in new track , claims he’s gay

The grudge Black Face he for former bandmate and African music legend , 2Face Idibia, is far from over .
Black Face dissed 2Face in a new track, calling him gay amongst other ”eye-rolling” allegations.
In the newly released diss song titled ‘War’ targeted at 2face idibia, Blackface singa

“I taught you how to rhyme, taught you how to flow / Now you say you’re a star, now you making dow, why you steal my song, you no let me know / Na you and your manager wey dey block my show from every carnival /
Your mama say you’re innocent but I know say you be cannibal”, he sang.
He also went on to allege that 2Baba engaged in same-sex intercourse as a shortcut to his success.
“Make I expose you for who you are, 201 know your story omo where I go start / 2Face since when dem start to yansh you for back, that’s why you no fit stand straight, that’s what made you star”.

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