Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tyga Can’t Catch A Break: A Judge Issues Warrant For His Arrest – People Claim He Should Indeed Be Jailed But For The Latest Hairdo


It seems that Tyga cannot catch a break these days. After the Floyd Mayweather scandal that he was involved in, now something else pops up. The Shade Room has more details on the latest situation involving him.
TSR reported that after he did not appear in court for a case that dates back almost 6 years ago, the judge has called for Tyga’s arrest all over again.

They continue and write that ‘According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Tyga has yet to pay up after a fan filed a lawsuit for allegedly getting hurt at one of his concerts.’
It seems that Tyga managed to miss the most recent hearing to appear before the judge.
The Shade Room goes on and explains to readers that ‘If this story sounds familiar, its because this is not the first time Tyga’s been wanted man! In January of 2018, a warrant was issued for his arrest.’
People in the comments section just cannot seem to get over the fact that Tyga has been recently photographed with long hair and his fans are definitely not here for it.

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Someone commented ‘People take the law as a joke until they’re in a jail cell.’
Another person joked and said ‘He needs to be in jail for that damn hair … looking like a pimp from the early 90s.’
Someone is also curious why TSR chose this particular photo for their news: ‘The man has A MILLION PICTURES. Which human pointed and said “ yea let’s use this one”??? I would love to meet them in person.’
Tyga was in the spotlight recently again after clapping back at Soulja Boy.
Not too long ago, Soulja decided to come clean with what’s going on regarding Blac Chyna and why he dated her in the first place.

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